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University of Chicago Landscaping

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Colleges in the United States are more than just learning institutions; they are communities and are run like their own cities, and some colleges have more students living on their grounds than a small town has people. A student will spend the majority of their time at college roaming the campus grounds, so the University of Chicago has taken great pride in making sure that it is pleasing to look at. This is for the benefit of the general public and everyone in Chicago as well, as the university is a point of pride for the entire city.

The entire campus of the University of Chicago has been extensively landscaped, but it hasn’t always been that way. According to this featured article on the university website, when George Beadle became the president of the university in 1961, the university looked dull and weathered. He started off by simply planting grass in the quad and took careful measures to make sure students kept off the new growth. In 1983, the university barely looked better, and the new facilities manager had a dream of converting the entire campus into a botanical garden. It took until 1996 for the landscaping plan to be approved, and the very next year the campus was given official botanical garden status by the American Public Gardens Association. The plants and flowers are all labeled, and the University has a professional staff member dedicated to the upkeep of the grounds. This makes the University of Chicago very unique because while some colleges have a botanical garden or arboretum on campus, they usually don’t cover the entire grounds. The beautiful landscape is still being maintained, and university officials are considering where to place fences to prevent students from cutting corners and trampling grass on their way to class. However, there is not much vandalism, and as the beauty of the campus has increased, so too have students become more mindful of their surroundings.

One of the best things you can do for your personal health and well-being, and for your home, is to plant attractive flowers and trees around it. The new plants can attract local wildlife like songbirds and deer, the value of your property can go up, and shady trees and plants can even lower your energy bill, and that’s not to mention the wonders it can work on improving your mood. It would take a lot of work to make your home look as beautiful as the University of Chicago, but companies like Ware Landscaping in the Chicago area can help you beautify your home.

Landscaping is not something most people think about when they consider where they want to go to college, but it can make or break your time there. Colleges and universities around the United States should take care to beautify their campuses like the University of Chicago has continually. The beautiful scenery will certainly help students feel more at ease and comfortable, and the community around the college will benefit as well.

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