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The Best Tips for Packing Up and Going

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Who hasn’t felt it a few times in life, the need to just get up, get out, and move to somewhere new? Most people chicken out when the mood takes them, but for some of us, we actually go through with it.

For those who decide they really want to pull it off, there are a number of complications ahead. There’s finding a job in a new place, finding a good place to live, getting the money to gather for deposits, rent, and moving expenses. It isn’t easy.

And then there’s the actual process of moving. For those who have never done it before, moving can be its own special kind of challenge, one that keeps some people from actually pursuing their desire for a fresh start.

So, with that in mind, here are a few packing and moving tips to help all of you looking to move who need just a little more advice.

Clearly mark boxes

It will save a lot of hassle if you mark your boxes carefully. Write on every side of the box (so you don’t have to flip it around to see the information) and write all the items within. That can seem like a pain at first, but you’ll be glad later when you’re looking for that one particular item.

Organize and use your space

Whether you’re using your car, a pickup truck, a trailer, or a moving truck, the key is maximizing your space. Learn to stack items well and to get as much in safely and tightly as possible. Packing is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find you can fit much more into any space than you thought.

Think how you want things stored

When you’re packing things up, think about what needs to come out first when you reach your new place. You probably want furniture first (beds, couches, tables) and things like books last. So, pack your vehicle that way with furniture near the front where it’s easiest to access.

Take care with breakables and valuables

Take extra care of valuables. Wrap them in newspaper and then tape them to make sure the wrapping stays on. Don’t use just a little piece of tape. Cover the whole thing with tape to add extra protection. Then place it in a location where it won’t be able to fall but also doesn’t have a lot of heavy objects on top of it.

Clean everything

This is another extra step that can seem annoying at the time, but you’ll be glad when you open those boxes up and find everything clean and ready to go. When traveling, things can get messy. Mold can grow where you didn’t clean kitchen equipment. Objects can stick together. It’s just far more hassle later than just cleaning them first. Then, they’re ready for use as soon as you open the box.

I hope some of those tips help. Remember, getting a fresh start can be difficult, but it is almost always worth it!

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